Central Permanent Magnet is another part of the setup on the Fusion Reactor. This is required to spin the fusion plasma around the series of Toroid Magnet for Nuclear Fusion to occur. 


Step-by-Step GuideEdit

ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor Build Tutorial-0

ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor Build Tutorial-0

Starts at 6 Minutes 31 Seconds

Just like the other parts of the Fusion Reactor setup, this has to be build in a specific way. Due to the same texture over some blocks, it's recommended to watch the video from the owner of the mod itself, Reika, to get a view of the structure clearly. 


Diagram 2A First Layer of the structure

First LayerEdit

The first layer consists for 2 types of block : Magnetic Linkage and Ferromagnetic Base, the sides of the circle are placed with Ferromagnetic Base 5 block centered, spreading out 2 blocks wide. The rest is just Magnetic Linkage.


Diagram 2B Second Layer of the Structure

Second LayerEdit

The second layer consists of 5 types of blocks : Auxiliary Permanent Magnet,Central Permanent Magnet,Solenoid Magnet,Solenoid Hub and Hysteresis Rod. Solenoid Magnet is placed in the middle, while the Solenoid Hub surrounds it. Hyteresis Rod is placed in the center sides and the corner of the Solenoid Hub, extending for 6 blocks and 4 blocks respectively. Then, 5 blocks of Central Pernament Magnet are placed at the edge of the sides of the Hysteresis Rod, spreading 2 blocks on either directions. Afterwards, 7 Auxiliary Pernament Magnet are placed in the pattern shown in the diagram 2B.


Diagram 2C Third Layer of the Structure

Third layerEdit

The final layer, layer three,is pretty much the same as the first layer. Refer to the first layer guide for more details. The multiblock structure should form as soon as you placed the last block. If not, break some blocks and place it back and see what happens. Be sure to check around as mistake often happens especially for the newbies.

Top down viewEdit

Solenoid Hub

Top down view by /u/swtich(reddit)